14th European Yogi Nomads Weekend

Radiant Rainbow Reunion – Aarhus 2016

What people said about the event:

“Thank you @yoginomads for another amazing weekend of yoga, for creating a community where I feel at home, for making me feel the ground underneath my feet, for inspiring and nourishing my body, mind and soul and for introducing me to so many wonderful yogis. Can’t wait for Biarritz! Special thanks to the fabulous @marinayogini @playgrowdo @janniyoga @sisagolightly You ladies rock!” Yoska Kai

“Rocking yoga mats in a new way! Thanks nomads and Aarhus for another imploded space of inappropriateness, too many coffees, salt n peppa dancing, glitter fairies, rainbow farts, death meditation, restaurant naps and overall yumminess :)” – Jana Töpfer

“I am at home now after a beautiful gathering in Aarhus.. Thanks to the EYN Team to have made it possible .” – Malisa Hing

“3 days of pure kindness, sweetness, love and intense yoga practice. Still feel uplifted. Thanks to all to make it possible and feed the fire !!” – Brigitte Rietzler

“Magical rainbow reunion spent with all you beautiful people. Yogi Nomads, thank you for once again holding space for us, and for all the laughs!! Until Biarritz!” -Stephanie Kramer

“This magical werkend was indeed like walking on a Radiant Rainbow! I am so happy to have found my tribe in the European Yogi Nomads where so many beautiful souls share the same love and idea for a life full of shimmering excitement as I do. Love goes out to every single one of you! Stay connected by the heart, open for new people and spread the love!” Dannie Quilitzsch

“What a weekend in Aarhus together with the nomad family. Its always unbelievable what these weekends do to me. Thank u all! looking forward to see u all again.” – Timo Rothhaar

“There is so much to be said, and so much to be shared in regards to this event. Every now and again I invite myself to stop and reflect on everything European Yogi Nomads is to me. The first time I attended it was about the yoga. The second time it was the destination. The third time it was about the people.

Next weekend this event, that I have grown to love so deeply, is happening in my hometown, Aarhus. There has been many lists, a project management program and several conversations in order to build the container for this event.

I feel like sharing a story that someone once told me. I am telling it as I remember it: “Once upon a time there was 3 yogis. They were each presented an empty room, that they were asked to fill up. The first yogi filled the room with beautiful, luxurious and very precious things. The second yogi filled the room with books, containing all the important knowledge of this World. The third yogi placed a candle in the center of the room, lit it, and the room filled with light.”

That is exactly what European Yogi Nomads is to me these days. A container that will be filled with so much beauty, knowledge and radiant light. Whether this is your first Yogi Nomads event or your 14th, whether you are a local- or a traveling yogi, whether you come for one class, two classes, all classes, or just choose to come for the Dinner Party you are exactly that, you are the CONTENT of this event. – Janni Daugaard