History & Founders

European Yogi Nomads (EYN) was born out of a desire to create an open-minded and welcoming community and sharing time together. To know that there will another weekend coming up soon that offers to meet like-minded yogis & create new bonds of friendship.

EYN was originally founded in 2011 by Jana Toepfer from Berlin, Anne Vandewalle from Paris, Nanna Wagner-Nielsen from Copenhagen and Anja Bergh from Gothenburg and is now being managed by the community.

The World Premiere of EYN took place in Berlin in October 2011 and since then, the nomads have travelled to many fun places in Europe: Basel, Copenhagen, Goeteborg, Paris, Lausanne, Istanbul, Lisboa, Annecy, Athens, London, Aix-en-Provence, Dublin, Aarhus and Biarritz (status end of 2016 many more to come!)

The number of participants has grown with each event and more people become involved with each event. It’s truly amazing and humbling to see the community grow, generate upliftment and allows us to share the joy for life and living our yoga.

anneAnne Vandevalle

Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher. Accredited by Yoga Alliance RYT 500

Anne started her yoga practice while living and working in NY. Diving into the teachings of yoga radically changed her relationship to life and prompted her to become a teacher to share with others the deep knowledge and wisdom of the yoga tradition. After training with the Sivananda school of yoga she discovered Anusara with Elena Brower. This transformative experience led her to study enthusiastically for over 10 years with John Friend and other amazing, renowned teachers.

First certified teacher in Anusara in France, her own path has led her to explore other traditions and her current teachings blend harmoniously principles of alignment, philosophy and creative sequencing. As a trained teacher in yoga therapeutics and Ayurveda, she cares to supports all students according to their needs so that everyone can deepen their practice and find a greater sense of ease and well being on and off the mat.

She lives and teaches in Paris where she takes part in large national events like the White Yoga Session and Paris Yoga Festival. She is also the co-founder of European Yogi Nomads, a community based project she started in 2012.

EYN is the embodiement of her profound desire to actively engage in bringing a deeper sense of community and belonging to everyone who seeks it and wants to be part of it. In her eyes, EYN provides a collective space where we can all gather around a shared vision of life, to co-create in meaningful ways, to shine our lights, and raise the vibration of our own lives and of each other . She likes to think of it as an always moving hive you can come to for support, inspiration, upliftment, and fun times. A rememberance that how we live in this world matters and that we each have the power to bring more joy to our communities.

More about Anne: www.yogaplanete.com.

janaJana Toepfer

Jana is a fellow worshiper of the practice of yoga and loves playing with its various forms. Mainly influenced by years of practicing Anusara yoga and completing her teacher trainings in this style, she makes yoga very accessible with adequate sessions no matter where you are in your practice. She teaches and hosts retreats in her chosen home base in the South of Portugal to share her passion for the ocean, the beauty of nature and surfing.

I love creating cutting-edge projects and filling them with joy and life. Establishing an independent space that you know you can always call home and reconnect with many friends and companions on this life path, fills my nomadic heart with enthusiasm and peace at the same time. Community has the strength to allow all kinds of great ideas to thrive and shows up with immense potential for collaboration. Being in community feels wonderful in its essence of true belonging. We can grow by mutual support and allow ourselves to be inspired by one another. When I go to an EYN weekend, I feel like school trips haven’t ended yet 😉
More about Jana: www.oceanandyoga.com.

nanna  Nanna Wagner

Nanna is a nomadic yoga teacher who has had the great fortune to travel and teach around Europe and in Bali. Her teaching style is one of investigation with a great curiosity towards body-awareness and sensitivity.

She invites people to approach practice with a loving presence and a sense of wonder. Aiming to bring about a meditative-awareness while moving, seeking to find balance and harmony, so that the practice of yoga will be nourishing and supportive for everyday life.
Nanna has studied, co-taught and created in collaboration with many. She has countless hours of teaching experience and enjoys sharing her Love for Yoga in classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings around the world

“Allow your yoga to move you towards something …
Allow your yoga to change things in your life …
And it will change the way you view life” – Nanna

More about Nanna: pathoftheheart.dk

anja_founderpage  Anja Bergh

Being one of the founders of this project (left the admin team a few years ago) I’ve had both intense times and magical times with the Nomads! One of the most magical moments, well, I can’t choose!! I’ve had so much laughter and pure joy traveling with the Nomads! I think the magic is in the whole experience. To travel places, teach alongside my friends, and get introduced to, or introduce others to, a new place in this world.. All together it’s a special experience. Being together as teachers and students, student myself to the other teachers, it makes for an accessible atmosphere where all come together as equals enjoying each others company. And it’s a very safe and inclusive way to make friends with a new city. I really recommend you try it out, it’s one of a kind. Your yoga family is out there waiting for you

More about Anja: http://yogabuddhi.se/