Vision & Mission

Our vision is a loving & connective yoga community.

Our mission is to invite people from all over the world to great locations in Europe.
Make new friends! Explore new places! Expand your yoga!


Our Values

Inclusiveness – European Yogi Nomads are welcoming to everyone – all are invited. No matter if you’ve practiced yoga before or not: all you need is curiosity, love and a willingness to participate.

We are one.


Connectivity – EYN is about collaboration. We offer a hub of connectivity so that everyone can contribute and receive. Everyone contributes in their own way: through pure presence, a profound teaching, a supportive hug, a special talent, a contagious smile, or help as a volunteer. And everyone receives back: if you fall in tree-pose, there will be someone to catch you. If you face difficult situations, others are here to listen. And when great ideas arise in us, we are here to inspire each other.

Together we can brighten the world!


Authenticity – everyone is welcome as they are. No need to put your make-up on (but you can, if you want!), no need to perform crazy asana (but you can, if you want!).

We are ready to see and love you for exactly who you are.


Come as you are!

Curious what to expect of a typical EYN weekend?