Prices & Travel

You decide if you want to join for one class only, or if you wish to take all the classes offered!


  • All 2 hours workshops are 25€
  • Dinner party varies, but we try to keep the costs at approx. 20€ per person


We have a couchsurfing group on Facebook that you can use to find a place to stay. This group has been created to bring together local hosts and visiting yogis as a platform to connect for those offering a place to stay and those who need to find a local yogi to stay with, for everyone to make friends from new places and ultimately enjoy the practice of yoga together.

Bear in mind that couchsurfing is a private arrangement that is made between local yogi andvisiting yogi. European Yogi Nomads plays no part, has no responsibility and cannot provide assistance other than the creation of this group and the information provided.

Please read the guidelines in the group before asking for a couch, or before offering one.