What to Expect… – A Typical EYN Weekend

European Yogi Nomads invites yogis from all over Europe, and even the world, to converge for a week-end to a special place, never the same, to come together, share space, vision and good times.

You’re invited to participate in a series of 2 hours workshops taught by teams of co-teachers in unique combinations. Mixing international with local teachers, big names and newcomers, different styles and traditions, offering unique blends of flavorful yoga. Some more mellow, some more dynamic, as well as creative combinations of acro-yoga, meditation, thai massage, dance and music.

There will also be special gatherings on and off the mat taking place during the course of a weekend to add some extra fun.

You can typically expect :


  • an exclusive teacher’s circle to offer space for exchange of knowledge & experience
  • a welcome practice for everyone to join in and kick start the festivities


  • 2 or 3 workshops
  • a fun dinner party


  • 2 or 3 workshops