Katy Misson (Annecy, France)


What makes EYN special for you? What was your magical Nomads moment? 

The EYN is the place and the time to reconnect with our « family » , the family of our heart, plus and even more strong, to share this light and wisdom of the heart, releasing the differentiation, the separation that us human being we experience when we forget who we are… and when we live to much from our head, instead of our heart… , to expand this awakening,  and transmit this wave of happiness and peace in the more place possible …
When the Nomads where in my home town,  Annecy, so many countries was reunite in the same room, to honor what is giving to us…  it’s for this reason that my wish is that the nomads continue to be and shine, all over the world, to reach more and more human heart, and to open them to this Life of being all together, for the good reason , the reason of the celebration of our true beautiful Nature .. and the party could continue …

More info: www.katymisson.com  &  www.satiamacademy.com

A little more about Katy:

 An energetic firecracker of a force to be reckoned with, Katy’s presence luminates as if you are being warmed by the sun. But energy isn’t all she has to offer- Katy studied for over 2 years in Vancouver under the tutelage of some of Anusara’s most respected yoga teachers. The girl has some street-cred and know-how, for sure.

A physical therapist by trade specialized in the field of neurophysiology, Katy lives and teaches in France, but travels also hosting retreats and workshops to share her unique offerings.

As physiotherapist and posturologist, Katy’s combination of the physical biomechanics, the neuro-physiology with the subtle body allows for the exploration and understanding of a unique style merging innate wisdom and modern therapeutics with the the ancient teachings of yoga.

Katy’s mission is simple: To help each individual become conscious of their infinite capacity- both on the the yoga mat and beyond into daily life. Transforming this relationship of awareness within oneself can allow for transformation in relation to others in one’s life. It is this acute awareness that also allows one to come home to the essence of what we are intended to be, rather than being “outside” our bodies which, by Katy’s estimation, is misaligment with/of the truest version of Self.

For all of those reasons, she created Satiam Yoga and Satiam Academy in Annecy,  a place where we all can be back to the beautiful reality and power of our own nature.

Katy has taught at the following EYN event: